Kindergarten Registration: Welcome Class of 2031!

2018 Boise School District Kindergarten Registration is on Thursday, March 8th.
For information on "How to Enroll in the Boise School District," select this link:
How to Enroll in the Boise School District

To better serve our students and families, the Boise School District is moving to an online registration process starting with our 2018 Kindergarten students. Parents/guardians are encouraged to use the new Online Registration Process before Thursday, March 8, 2018. By doing so, you’ll expedite the Kindergarten registration process and be able to spend more time on March 8th meeting your child’s dedicated teachers and staff. For more information on this new process, select this link: Kindergarten Open House Registration

You can complete the process on any computer. If you don’t have access to a computer, contact your neighborhood school and we’ll gladly provide you access to a computer. Select this link:

You may print and complete additional forms and turn those into your neighborhood school to complete the registration process. (i.e. Health History, Verification of Residency, Home Language Survey, etc.)
Enrollment Forms to be Completed

Here’s How to Prepare:
 Bring your child
 Bring certified birth certificate
 Bring immunization records
 Make sure all vaccines are up to date
 Bring address verification

Here’s What You’ll See and Do:
• Learn how to prepare your child for kindergarten
• Explore exciting summer learning opportunities
• Meet teachers and staff at your child’s school