School History


3722 Anderson Street


Orange and Black-Tigers

        William Howard Taft Elementary is located on large piece of land just off the corner of 36th and State St. in Boise, ID. Taft Elementary opened in 1960 to relieve overcrowding at Collister and Lowell Schools.  It is an 18 room school with a principal's and nurse's office and a library.  The school has a multipurpose room which is used as a cafeteria, gym, and auditorium.  

        In 1964 the northeast wing was added.  Taft, like so many other schools, was short on space when all the special programs came to the District in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  Learning disabilities and tutoring classes were set up in the hall.  When kindergartens were introduced in 1973 as part of the educational program, relocatable classrooms were moved in to house the kindergarten classes.

Under the leadership of Dr. Susan Williamson in 2003, Taft was recognized by the United States Department of Education as a No Child Left behind Blue Ribbon School. Taft was also recognized in 2009 for their Achievement in Academics by the Idaho Department of Education. Dr. Susan Williamson grew the English Language Learners programs. Taft was awarded for their commitment to meeting the linguistic,academic, and cultural needs of Idaho’s limited English proficient students.

In the mid 2000’s, Taft implemented its first ever "English Language Learners" (ELL) program. The staff and community have embraced their unique multicultural atmosphere. The school hosts students from over 15 different countries speaking 13 different languages, making Taft a truly multicultural mosaic. A Culture Fair is held each spring to celebrate the school’s diversity. Students, families, and staff come together to enjoy ethnic foods, music and dance.


                                Jim Jennison                                                 1960‑72

                                Emogene Warner                                          1972‑83

                                Joan Rusk                                                     1983‑92

                                Hylon Plumb                                                1992-94

                                Dr. Ed Ferguson                                           1994-98

                                Dr. Susan Williamson                                   1998-14

                                   Amy Pinkerman                                                2014-16 Tim Lowe 2016-Present